Gotham Prep Academy™

Here's the latest project I've been involved in, and it's a collaborative effort with 2 friends/colleagues. Our goal was to develop a cartoon that we'd like to see on the small screen, and eventually pitch it to DC. As we've come to find out (in the later stages of development), the idea isn't new, but we feel we've taken it in a slightly different direction than what may have been previously done.

The concept of taking the Batman universe and showing these characters during their high school years was intriguing for us. A few questions we wanted to tackle were what would these characters look like as teens, what would they study, who would they be friends (or enemies) with, and most importantly, what happens during their formative years that will lead them to become who they become.

Check out our facebook page for character bios and Like it to get updates from us. Here are a few character sheets that show some of my rough sketches and notes, tightened pencil sketches and the final colored versions. Also included is a toy package mock-up.