Melvin's Mom

Here's another character that will appear in the story—Melvin's Mom! Layouts are still in progress. Looking to have this completed by 1st quarter 2014. Be sure to check out Burning Mercury Studios for this and other project updates.



Taking a quick break from Melvin to wrap up this Catwoman illustration I started last year.



Meet Melvin

He's the star of his own story, Melvin the Mediocre Meaty Ogre, currently in development. Check back here for more character designs or visit Burning Mercury Studios.


Garden Academy Annual Gala event

I'm donating the original pencils and a color print of my TMNT t-shirt design entry to the Garden Academy for their Annual Gala event. Garden Academy provides state-of-the-art education to students with autism, doctoral-level training to teachers and cutting edge research for the future. The event takes place on Saturday, November 23rd from 6-11pm at The Grove in Cedar Grove, NJ.



Hope you enjoyed Thrall! For more details on my next project, visit Burning Mercury Studios.


Burning Mercury Studios and Thrall

The Loch and the Loam has been put on hold while I've been working on a new webcomic site with Al Mauriello and Jose Gomez—Burning Mercury Studios. On it you'll find the 1st project we've collaborated on, Gotham Prep Academy, and new projects in the works like Thrall and Pangaia. Thrall is a 12 page short story written by Al and is being illustrated by me. Here's a peek at some early character designs. Look for the completed webcomic in the coming weeks. Also, check out the new tabs on the right side of the screen for links to my professional design work, art directed/storyboarded videos, and other webcomics.


The Loch And The Loam™

Here are a couple of work-in-progress character sketches and logo for The Loch And The Loam, a short story I'm writing and illustrating. Set in a mythical world, the Loch, a sea-dwelling race, and the Loam, a land-dwelling race, are at odds during a long drought. Both groups need water to survive, but when rationing is no longer an option, a war erupts. The main characters, Ocellus and Fleur, find themselves on opposite sides of the battle but soon discover they may have more in common than they thought. Infused with Greek mythology and other fantasy elements, The Loch And The Loam is about facing destiny and finding inner strength. More to come.


TMNT Threadless T-shirt design

Here's my entry for the TMNT Threadless T-shirt design contest (above) and the pencil sketch.


Mary Marvel

Not much to say about this one but I'm happy
with the way it turned out. More to come.


Gwen Stacy

Another Spidey female character, Peter's late girlfriend Gwen Stacy. This one's a nod to John Romita Sr., whose art on Amazing was Amazing.


Mary Jane

Here's another character from the Spiderman universe, his wife Mary Jane.