Getting back

It's been a long time since my last post and there are several reasons for that. Between work being crazy, spending time writing/roughing out my next project, and helping friends with personal projects, it's been a busy time. Here are a couple of things I've been doing between all the madness.

I'm trying to nail down the look of my next project, so I've been experimenting with brushes to get the right textures down. This is by no means a finished piece, just a fun way to experiment with different techniques to carry forward.

Here are some sketches that got me to this point. After doing some research, I decided to make him more turtle-like, so I changed the shell a bit, moved away from the traditional fingers/toes to more of a claw, and gave him a beak (sort of like in the early Mirage comics, but more stylized and cartoony here). I also wanted the elbow/knee pads to have the texture/style of a samurai outfit but it doesn't quite come across here. Overall, it works for me. I might have to revisit this sometime.

Here's a logo I designed for a cancer walk. The bull was modeled after a plush toy that served as inspiration for a cancer survivor. A simplified version of this logo was printed on T-shirts for the whole team.

And lastly, I'm still toying with the logo for my next project, The GR8TS. The story takes place in the 60s, so I'm experimenting with different color palettes from that era while also trying to maintain some modern elements. It'll make sense once the story gets off the ground (hopefully in the next couple of months).

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